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Word of God

Questions on whether the bible is truly the word of God have led to debates all around the world. For year, many churches have been declaring that the bible is the Godís word and nothing else.
It is the holy book and every single person should follow its rules without questioning. However, newly formed religious groups started to question this idea using the bible itself. Some verses in the bible actually indicate that Jesus is the Godís word. Believing and referring to the bible as Godís word is one minor flaw that many churches have. They rely so much on the bible, that they sometimes forger what the more important things is.

Verses in the book of John have directly stated that Jesus is Godís word and nothing else. John 1:1-2 clearly says, ďIn the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with GodĒ. That pair of sentences was further affirmed in John 1:14, where it was stated, ďAnd the Word became flesh and tabernacled among us. And we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and of truthĒ. That clearly states that Jesus was, is and the only word of god. He is alone, Godís word. He is both the promise and the way to fulfill that promise. There are no three words of God. The Father, the Word and the Holy Spirit are one. Godís word does not indicate in any way that there is more than one. The word of God is singular, there is no other one. To call anything else Godís word would be a disgrace for it takes that right away from Him. The scriptures itself indicate this so no one would have to question it ever again. It is not good for some evangelists to think of the bible as Godís word.

It is even wrong for a Christian community to call itself the Word of God. This Christian community that started in Michigan has been calling itself that since 1967. It was started by four men working in University of Notre Dame. They first had prayer meetings among themselves until the number of the members of their community grew. It reached a number of 3000 in just nine years.

The community members lived in common houses. Married couples are separated from single men and women. They also have dormitories in University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University and when their number increased a great deal, their households had to be split up into districts. Through the years, their practices have been questioned by the Roman Catholic Church implying that they are into some kind of cult and that their teachings could be heresy. This was derived from rumors that the community brings too much control towards their members and their freedom is very limited.

Despite this, their number continued to increase perhaps because of their name, the Word of God. Their name strongly attracts people because it indicates highest authority. It is perfectly alright to say that a community is following Godís word. But to name the community the Word of God is not a very good thing to do because it shows some kind of disrespect for the Highest Being.

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