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God life

People live and see things differently. A child created out of a mistake may either be considered a blessing or a disgrace. Also, they possess different levels of faith to God, while some, none at all.
The power of faith is also uniquely manifested in a humanís life, in the same way that he obtains uniquely interpreted experiences with God. Man lives according to what his faith dictates, and does so with the guidance of the teachings of the Lord, but always has the prerogative to choose from righteous and unjust deeds that he may perform.

The saintly life

The life of St. Ignatius vividly exemplifies a saintly life in is own journey to find God. Saints may have lived very simple lives, but that did not stop them from seeing and feeling God even in the simplest ways that God tries to reveal Himself to them.

St. Ignatius of Loyola is a brave, young soldier, who, during his time had won countless battles, until one war where he got himself seriously injured. In the days of his recuperation, God finally revealed Himself to this once arrogant, fleshly human who does not have the faith to any of the Christian doctrines in his time.
St. Ignatius, in his boredom, started reading anything that is present in his room, which luckily includes lives of the saints of the Christian religion. Later on, Ignatius gave up his sword to learn and experience more of God. He has written numerous spiritual exercises that he himself has used with his own journey to finding God in little things. He is famous for the remark Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam, which means seek first the Kingdom of God.

The ordinary Christian life

We live in a busy world that almost makes no room for the unexplainable and the unpredictable. With the present wars and terrorism that has continued to make Godís people suffer, we in our time must have already forgotten the value of mercy and compassion.

We exercise apathy in our lives; we donít care about what happens in Iraq so long as the bloodshed does not occur in the comfort of our homes. We condemn terrorism but we cannot give immediate aid to those who need our help. In other words, we live a life no more than a nominal Christian, who is a believer only by name.

We may not be saints like St. Ignatius, St. Xavier or St. Therese but we can live a life that Jesus has taught us in our own simple ways. We can manifest our faith not only by following Christí words but also by putting our faith into action. We can definitely profess our faith by helping our church build a community of believers that is united by the Holy Spirit to be one in nurturing and protecting the Church, who is simply Godís people. As Christians, we can also worship God by bringing the Good News to our neighbors who have not discovered Christ in their lives.

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