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Faith in God

The faith of Noah, the supreme intelligence of King Solomon, the obedience of David and the persistent longings of Job, what do these great men of the Bible have in common? They have faith in God, a faith that do not ask of any conditions, a faith that surpasses heaven and earth and a faith that even if life is at stake still continues to offer in full surrender.

For 120 days Noah built an ark that God has instructed him to do, he never asked questions as to why he was ordered to build a huge ark. He just kept on working and working even if it the task seemed impossible, he continued to believe that God has his purpose for this and continued to what the Lord has instructed him to do. The obedience of Noah and his deep faith in God bring honor to the Lord and Noah and his family was saved in the great flood and he definitely fulfilled his purpose.

King Solomon asked the Lord to give him a humble heart that he may discern what is right from wrong. God was very pleased with this act of Solomon for he never asked for wealth or long life rather a humble heart. With this, God gave him more than he desired. King Solomon’s humility and faith has brought honor and glory to God and he was pleased by this humble gesture therefore, King Solomon fulfilled his purpose.

David told the Lord, “Tell me everything I need to do, all the days of my life, I will obey you with all my heart” The Lord was pleased in David’s extreme obedience and not the partial obedience that people of today is more used to. When you obey God, you do not pick the ones you choose to follow, regardless of how difficult it may seem to you, if your faith surpasses your fears and uncertainties, God is truly glorified.

Job in his earnest desire to be blessed by God even wrestled with him in the sand and said, “Lord, I will not let go of you unless you bless me”! The faith of Job pleased God and he was blessed. This act is something that allows people to understand that God oftentimes conceals his face. You might have problems at this very moment and it seems as if your prayer just bounced back into the ceiling without God hearing it. Truth be told, God hides his face because he wants to develop something in you, your faith. You might perceive that God does not hear you but he does. You might be impatient and keeps on hurrying about the things you asked of him, yet he never answers. Remember, God is always on time, always on time on giving you what you desire and in giving you what he thinks is the best and not what you think is better.

If Noah, King Solomon, David, and Job proved their obedience and faith in God, how will you prove yours? It is never too late to come to him in silence, pray and act to what he asks you to do in all faithfulness and sincerity.

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