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Do you believe in God

Do you believe in God? To answer such a question would have to be the most difficult thing. It would have been such an easy thing to do if this question were asked years ago, before I entered the world of high school punks,
before I got into college where atheists are scattered in the form of both students and professors who insist that there is no logic in the existence of a god. To answer this question would not even require seconds to think if I have not known how many people die because of diseases, accidents, calamities and terrible, terrible wars.

If I am a child of eight who has seen only the good in the world, how my family loves me so much and takes care of me unconditionally, how Santa Claus exists and gives me gifts during Christmas if I have been a good girl, I could answer this question with no difficulty at all. Yes I do. My Mommy told me He always guards us and keeps us away from harm. I would even be confused with the question. Why does someone have to ask that? I thought everyone believes in Him, that’s what Mommy told me.

Everyday we spoke to Him, thanking Him for all the good things that happened and apologizing for all the bad things we have done. Every Sunday we went to church to praise Him and pray for more guidance and protection. Every year we celebrated His birthday. When I was a child of seven, I always looked at Christmas as His birthday. I used to feel guilty for feeling happy for all the presents I get to receive during Christmas because I know that the special day has got nothing to do with me. We should give God a present, I always insisted. They would always just laugh at me, without knowing that I really mean it—that time.

Today, Christmas to me is just a time for families to get together and an opportunity to give and receive gifts. It has been a time for school break when I was in college. It is now a time to receive cash bonuses from my big bosses. It is now a time to get rewards that I truly deserve for all my hard work.

If asked again, do you believe in God? I would have to think about it, really think. Consider every story my parents told me when I was but a young child. Reflect on the supposedly great things God has done for mankind. Remember the bible chapters indicating how unconditional God’s love is and how the words “remarkable” and “divine” could never quite measure up to His qualities.

If asked again, do you believe in God? I would have to wonder about all the catastrophes in the world today and in the past. I would have to think about the families whose loved ones died fighting for their beliefs. I would have to question, too, that if the existence of God makes everything so much better, why are there conflicts regarding religion? Why are so many people fighting and dying because of the differences in practices and beliefs? Would not it be better if no one believed in God? Would it not benefit all if everyone just follow as the government says? Would not it be perfect if everyone just treat each and every individual with respect?

If asked again whether the existence of a god permeates my mind, I would still do not have a definite answer. But conveniently, I would say that it is better to not believe in God. Just believe in mankind and its capacity to do good without having dreams about heaven because it is possible. With that even, goodness would be more sincere. And it would cause no conflict, no wars, no fighting, and no miserable deaths.

The idea of God in a child’s mind is not such a bad idea, sort of a fairy tale to make her believe in the existence of a creature that is so wonderfully perfect.

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