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Is there a God?

A lot of us must have already been challenged countless times as to whether we should profess our faith or not. Faith is the strongest transcendental connection between god and human. Without faith, a human could miss every moment that God tries to reveal Himself, in words or in actions, in miracles or catastrophe, and in people or events. It should also be noted that God reveals himself differently to those who have already encountered Him in their lives. We all have a unique experience of our faith, in the same way that we all have a unique experience of God in our lives.

God's presence in question

There are many phenomena in our daily lives that continue to challenge our faith towards God. The recent attack of terrorism that continues to bear the seed of war in the Middle East is one clear manifestation of earthly phenomena that believers view differently. This evidently arouses questions to peopleís faith as to why God allows this wickedness to succumb even the most peaceful people of believers.

Godís presence in the middle of these world crises is therefore questioned by many, without taking into consideration that God, in His transcendental being, sees everything and knows how to reveal His ways at the right time. Consequently, the criticsí concept of the ďright timeĒ greatly varies from one perspective to another. Therefore, in order to gain wisdom to understand the earthly calamities which have constantly brought destruction and crisis, one must trust his faith to God to give him the wisdom to grasp Godís message in these phenomena.

God's power and faith in question

People in the weakest of their faith usually encounter these kinds of questions upon a hard obstacle that must have brought them to tremendous pain and disappointment. For example, when a man acquires a fatal disease in the middle of his good charitable life, he blames God for his illness and questions Him why, of all people, he was picked to bear it. Therefore, in return of his charity to the sick and the needy, he asks God to heal him with a miracle, and ignores the dictate of science that his illness is already in the terminal stage.

The faith of this man is a contradicting manifestation of what he believes and what he preaches. He has strong faith in God but he does not realize that there is no form of human wisdom in this world that can fully explain Godís ways and Godís plans for us. This clearly illustrates the big difference between an existential and a transcendental being. A man is an existential being whose soul lives in a human body at a distinct point in history. God, as a transcendental being is not bound by human body and exists in no way that we can imagine.

My faith in question

God and man can be connected in many ways, including faith, which enables man to obtain an insight of Godís ways of revealing Himself. Therefore, the question as to whether God is real depends on the level of manís faith to Godís existence.

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