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Kingdom of God

All Christians in the world believe in the existence of God and afterlife. They believe that after death there is another world that they would go toótwo worlds actually. And they would not be the one to make the choice where they would go.
The second world, the kingdom of God or the kingdom of heaven is the paradise. That place is where good people go, people who have done more good acts rather than evil doings. God accepts those who may have broken some of his rules bur have repented before the time of death. The second world is depicted as a place where there is no happiness and every corner is filled with pain and suffering. It is hell. As punishment for those who have broken way too many rules and have not repented for those sins, they are brought here. Along with other dead sinful people, they stay in the world that is full of unhappiness and regret.

They say that nonbelievers are also brought here. Those that do not believe a God exists are delivered to this place after death. Notice the striking contrast between the kingdom of God and hell. Many paintings have pictured hell as darkness and nothingness. It could be a land where bodies are buried, only showing their heads and arms, constantly shouting for help. While heaven is often white and filled with clouds and people going around with smiles on their faces. Sometimes it is also pictured as a land of paradise where there are grass fields, rivers and lots of animals. Even the animals that are considered wild and harmful in the land are friendly with the humans in heaven. Animals such as lions and elephants can play with both children and adults without harming them. The place obviously revolves around happiness and perfection. There, people who used to be together can get back and live another life, a life with more meaning and bliss.

Not everyone is accepted in the kingdom of God. Only those who stayed true to their faith are allowed. Those who doubt Godís existence are sent straight to hell. Roman Catholics follow a certain set of rules called The Ten Commandments. That set contains laws that they should never ever break. Breaking those rules could take away their chances of continuing to the kingdom of God. These are derived from the Bible and are regarded by all Catholics as holy.

The first on the list is the rule to not worship other gods. And the second is to not to worship any idols pertaining the likeness of God for He does not take any other form but His. Those who bow down to other forms such as animals and graven images will be punished. Other sins prohibited by the Ten Commandments are the act of murder and adultery that is also protected by government laws. Breaking these rules does not just invite punishment from God but also eliminate the chance to get into the kingdom of God.

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