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Who is the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit is one among the three personas of the Holy Trinity of Christianity. The Holy Spirit is the last and final nature of Godís manifestation as a divine phenomenon, among God the Father and God the Son, who is Jesus Christ. In Trinitarian theology, the Holy Spirit or the Holy Ghost is the Third Person of God, after God the Father as the First Person and Jesus Christ as the Second Person.

The Holy Spirit is also depicted in the Bible in many forms. These representations include water, which symbolizes the presence of the Holy Spirit during the sacrament of baptism. The Holy Spirit is also known to appear in the form of fire, as seen in the first Pentecost with the Lordís disciples. The Holy Spirit has also appeared before the Virgin Mary in the mountain of Transfiguration in the form of thick clouds and blinding light, recognizing Jesus as the son of God before Moses, Peter, Elijah, John and James.

The Holy Spirit first appeared when Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River with John the Baptist. The Holy Spirit, in the form of a dove, symbolizes Godís presence during Christís baptism. The Holy Spirit also appeared in the New Testament while Jesus was talking to his disciples of his death. The Holy Spirit is being described to them as the 'Spirit of Truth'.

In Johnís Gospel, the Holy Spirit is described as a divine force in uniting the disciples to Jesus, and Jesus to God the Father. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are promised to include eternal life, wisdom, supernatural faith, and communion with every Christian and with the Father.

The famous appearance of the Holy Spirit with ordinary people appeared on the first Pentecost, narrated in the second chapter of the Acts. The event was described as a phenomenon marked by tongues of fire appearing in the heads of the people. Everybody is speaking languages that were never heard of, and their hearts were burning with love in the fulfillment of the promise of Christ.

In Christian teachings, the followers of Christ are the ones who let the Holy Spirit dwell within them. The Holy Spirit, appearing in the anointing of Christ, is the soul of His peopleís church, from which the Spirit offers itself to unite and nurture the members of the church for whom the promise of new life is given.

To Christians, the Holy Spirit is a powerful divine force that unites them to lead a Christian life with Jesus. In fact, they believe that the Holy Spirit dwells and lives inside each one of us. The Holy Spirit is also known to be a helpful guide to the ultimate truth and salvation. The power of the Holy Spirit working inside a humanís heart can give him the ability to foretell the future, heal the sick, and bring wisdom to everyone. Today, the modern teachings incorporate the gifts of the Holy Spirit with the churchís advocacy towards giving, teaching, and charity.

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