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Who is Allah?

The term Allah is used to describe the one and only God of the Islam religion, whose name cannot be used for any other form of creature or saint associated to their religion. Contrary to Christianity, which uses many direct metaphors of God as Christ,
Lord, Savior, King, and many other terms, Allah is reserved for their supreme god who rules and leads the Islam community for all eternity. The name Allah is rather a personal and exclusive name for the One true God of the Islam religion. The name is exclusive for their highest, most powerful one true God, and bears no gender or plural form.

Islamís One true God typifies the perfect conception of Allah as the powerful creator of all universe, who can never be identified similarly to anything ever conceived. When Prophet Muhammad answered regarding his thoughts on the Almighty Creator Allah, it was believed that his response was delivered to him by God himself, stating that Allah cannot be compared to anything or anyone that exists or will be known to exist, and that Allah is the most powerful of all gods and not one god can be compared or identified with him or his name. This bears the core of the concept of monotheism, which clearly sets the line between worshipping gods other than Allah himself.

An Islam believer is one who is forever thankful for all the bounties and blessings that Allah has given him in his life. He also tries with all his endeavors to serve God humbly and to surrender himself in Godís mercy and will whom he trusts and loves. He also acknowledges the fact that the goodness and charity that he has done to his neighbor are far smaller than Allahís divine power and kindness to his people.

Non-believers of the Islam faith constantly allege this religion that their god, Allah, is a bitter and cruel god who does not show love and kindness to his people. This accusation is by all means false, as stated in the sacred bible of the Islam religion, the Qurían, which says that Allah is merciful and compassionate to his people.

Allah is also the god of justice. In the general context of Islam, evil and sin committed by its perpetrators deserve corresponding punishment and pain, while the good and the virtuous also deserve the fruits of their labor. Allah fully manifests the virtue of mercy through the justice he bestows to his people, as he will not let the oppressed and the punished be treated the same to his holiness and he will punish the evildoers and the sinners who exploit others who suffer in his name.

The Islam religion also rejects any portrayal of Allah in the form of any human or individual, or Allahís exclusive involvement to any group or nation for the purpose of gaining wealth or power. Therefore, the name Allah is indeed Godís personal name for the Islam believers. It is a pure reflection of the religionís emphasis on the sacredness in their belief of god as one true creator among other deities. Any association of a deity or individual to Allah is considered a deadly sin to the Islam religion, the only sin that the merciful Allah will never forgive.

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