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Is God real?

The idea of the existence or non-existence of God triggers people for years. Up to now, there is still a multiplicity of people who firmly believes that there is no God. As such, they hold on to the idea that man can play by any rule that he likes.

So, is God real? It would be really lovely if we can just pick up the phone and call Him. Or even drop by His “office” to see if He is really there. But since we really have no foolproof way to “check” if He really is “there”, we have to think of other rationale to prove that He exists. We need not go to extreme ways to do so, fortunately. We can start by giving ample time observing the world where we live. Haven’t you noticed how it was made in such a wonderful way that each falls right into its proper place? The same way that the hunter in the forest follows trails of creatures he has yet to lay his eyes on, we are also on the lookout for possible “paw prints” of our Creator in the world we so adore.

The following are signs that prove that God, indeed, exists:
  • The world works based on the unwritten and universal law of cause and effect. – It means that every perceivable effect should have had an initial “push” by some unknown cause. Everything that we see here is dependent upon other things for its existence. For example, the same way that plants need water and sunlight to live, children need their parents for them to survive and grow. When you think about it, a hundred centuries back, there must be a first event that leads to such. There must be an original “cause” over this law of nature. In philosophy it is called the necessary being. Could the necessary being be God?
  • Nowadays, we have what the scientists called Intelligent Design. Its main ides is the fact that the entire universe exhibits not only intent and design, but also a purpose. If you are in the middle of the desert and on your way you found a watch on the sand, you would definitely believe that someone put it there, for a watch definitely cannot grow in the sand. Since the entire universe is far more complex, design-wise, it is but logical to assume that there exists an intelligent designer of off these wonderful things. What do you think, is God real or not?
  • Lastly, the world we live in seem to live within a certain moral foundation. For example, people from all walks of life, regardless of the differences, seem to have a “moral agreement” against taking someone else’s life but has no mutual agreement in taking lives of any person, for it seems that there no reason is appropriate enough to tolerate such cold blooded act. We seem to have been created within a set of official yet unwritten laws of morality.
These logics seem to point out that it simply is unthinkable that such are mere coincidences. There must be a higher being that makes all these things happen at the right place and the right time. So is God real? I love the mere thought that He is.

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