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Holy Bible

The Holy Bible is a powerful physical manifestation of Christiansí faith to Godís power, miracles and will. The Bible includes many great stories of all times, from Jonahís dangerous underwater encounters and Samsonís tragic life. There is great proof that the events in the Bible have sufficient historical relevance, including the slavery in Egypt and the birth registries in Asia.

The Holy Bible also contains the magnificent story of Creation of the Earth. It is written in the book of Genesis, which clearly details the existence of heaven and Earth, of water and air, and of animals and human. The Holy Bible also clearly narrates the first mortal sin of Adam and Eve. A clear account of Abel and Cainís life and how ancestries began to spread through different lands and territories are also written in the Bible.

The Bible is a good place to read about marvelous works of God, from Noahís arc to the raising of the dead. The Holy Bible gives a clear account of the prophecy of the Messiah, who is the Lord Jesus Christ born to Mary and Joseph of Nazareth.

The old testament

The Old Testament delivers the ancient prophecy of the Savior, who is Jesus in the New Testament. The Old Testament starts with the narration of Godís creation of the Earth. Man is created in the image and likeness of God and man shall receive the promise of renewed faith in God when the Messiah is born. The Lord as entrusted His creations to man, the Earthís steward who is to protect Godís creations. God has chosen His people with Israel, and hailed Abraham to be the father of all nations.

The Old Testament also describes in detail the sufferings of Lordís followers. Stephen was stoned, Daniel was thrown into a pit of lions, and Samson was killed together with the Romans. The Old Testament also attests peopleís wickedness and immorality, ranging from gambling, idolatry, theft, adultery, prostitution, and murder.

The new testament

In the New Testament, God fulfills His covenant to His people by sending is only begotten son Jesus Christ to redeem the world from all sin and evil. John the Baptist preaches the prophecy of the coming of the Messiah. It was also him who baptized Jesus Christ, which is where John acquired his name. After being held a prisoner, John was soon beheaded as offering to a saintís feast day.

It was also in the New Testament that Jesus Christ delivered his preaching to His disciples. He taught humankind about the Kingdom of God through parables; among these were the Parable of the Prodigal Son, the Parable of the Seed, and the Parable of the Good Samaritan. The New Testament prepares the world for the second coming of Christ and to finally brace themselves for the coming of the Judgment Day. At the end of the New Testament, Jesus leaves Godís promise to His disciples who will build communities of faith that are united in the teachings of Christ.

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