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Christianity is one of the earliest religions ever established in the history of human kind. Itís a major foundation in the church, of peter, the first Christian pope who is appointed by Jesus Christ himself to build a church for his people.
Peterís name comes from the word Petros, which means ďrockĒ, supported by famous bible passage that Christ has affirmed: ďYou will be the rock of my church, and from this rock I will build my church upon all people.Ē Christianity has equally gained acceptance and rejection throughout the centuries, and has remained to be preached in major Asian and North American countries.

Christianity puts Jesus Christ in the center of its doctrines and preaching. To Christians, Jesus is the Messiah and the son of God, who is brought to the world to redeem Godís people from sin and evil. There were four Holy Gospels, all relating to the brief human life of Christ. The gospel also includes teachings of Christ in the form of parables and figurative expressions, usually depicting the Kingdom of God and the promised Christian life.

Christians believe in heaven, hell and purgatory. Christianity also embodies important Christian teachings and doctrines such as belief in the Holy Spirit, the existence of heaven and hell, the holiness of Godís church, and the coming of Judgment Day. The most important aspect in Christian life is celebration of liturgy of the Word and Eucharist in which the latter formed the basis for the persecution of the Christians.

To Christians, Jesus Christ, as the core of Christian doctrines and principles, is simply God made human. Jesus Christ is Godís offered promise to bring peace and order to the world. Christians believe that Jesus Christ is also Godís manifestation of love to His people. Jesus is the incarnate son of God who sacrificed His divinity to redeem His people.

Jesus is fully god and fully human, but He did not commit any sin. As fully god, He manifests His divinity by performing miracles, curing the sick, and driving evil spirits away. As fully human, He suffered like any human has experienced, but the only exception is that He did not sin in any way. Jesus lived His full Christian life without any form of luxury and arrogance. He lived a simple life. In fact, Jesus was born to an ordinary housewife and carpenter, in the name of Joseph and Mary. It was Jesus who also stirred the common peopleís acceptance of human law and rectified crooked ways of the government at that time, including the belief of many in the gift of indulgence in the saving of the human soul. Jesus also taught men how to live a simple Christian life, following Godís commandments and tenets, living in order to serve and not to be served. Christian principles also include giving devotions to the sacred saints of the church, to remember and celebrate feast days, to dedicate Sundays as Sabbath day solely for God, and to give sacraments of baptism, matrimony, and last rites.

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