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Bible studies

Even with the growing numbers of atheists and non-believers, there seems to be more and more people devoting themselves to Bible studies of any kind, depending of their beliefs and moral priorities. Studying the holy book is after all, the key element for our spiritual and moral growth as Christians.

The Holy Bible is our Creator’s verbal message to us. Therein lies the secret on how to live a life that is acceptable to our Almighty Father. Apart from such, we will have no idea on what He is and what is expected of His children. If you want your faith to become stronger, if you want peace and spiritual healing and enrichment, then the bible is the first and only book that you may ever need.

The following are guides for people who want to become closer to Him thru bible studies, but cannot seem to know where to start:
  • Choose a specific Book - You first have to choose any book from the bible which you will have to read entirely. Starting with a shorter one is appropriate. The New Testament is an ideal source for that. You have to spend at least a month in studying your book of choice.
  • Pray first – The prayer is the most powerful way to communicate with Him. Start your bible studies with every prayer by asking Him to open your understanding in all things spiritual. As you pray, do not forget that each word you utter is inspired by no other than Him.
  • Read your Book of choice – You have to spend more time reading your book so that you get used to such practice. Upon reading, look for the theme in each chapter. Ask yourself what you believe God wants to convey in every chapter.
  • Look within – Look for deeper understanding in every verse. Read slowly and try to let the words and messages of God get to you. Feel His love in every word and learn to appreciate it.
  • Choose your preferred tools for bible studies – As you put your heart in every verse, you will notice that understanding comes abundantly. For this section, you have to choose a tool such as a lexicon or bible dictionary to help you interpret and learn from His messages more.
  • Be a Doer - Do not just read the bible as if it’s just as ordinary as it can be. The main purpose of the book is for us to learn the kind of life that God wants us to lead. Practice the good deeds as shown in the book and fulfill your moral responsibility over your brothers, especially those needing of such assistance.
  • Set your pace – After finishing your book of choice, it is time to choose another one and follow the same set of procedures. As you get comfortable to such, try and follow longer books which can mostly be found in the Old Testament. Challenge yourself into better understanding the bible at your own time.
After getting used to the practice, encourage others to do the same. Offer them the same enlightenment you have received.

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