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Who is God?

God may be viewed in many spiritual perspectives, depending on the believerís experience of God in his life. To a student, God may be a companion, a brother, or a mentor. To a prisoner, God may be in the form of solace or retribution. To a doctor, God may be therapy or miracle. To a worker, God may be bearer of good news and fruitful harvest.

To different kinds of believers, there are basically three types of God: the ATM God, the Punishing God, and the Redeemer God.

The ATM God

The ATM God is the god of the needy. A person connects to God only when he needs help. He sees God as an ATM whom he can get instant help from, in times of trouble. When the disaster is over, this believer goes back to business as usual, not even bothering to thank God for His miracles in his life. Then, when another problem hits this person back, he again rushes to God, asking for His help and guidance in his ordeal. This person is the type of believer who sees God to be useful only when he is in trouble. Other than in the misfits in his life, he does not see God anywhere in between. He only wants instant help, he does not meet God during his ordinary leisure time and he does not find ways to seek God in all things.

The Punishing God

To this believer, God is a cruel and bitter god. The person possesses faith in God, and probably occasionally goes to church and expresses all similar things that a Christian commonly does in his worship to God. But when trials come his way, he believes that all of the sufferings that he experiences are meant to be given by God towards him and his family, thinking that they deserved it. This believer thinks that God punishes both the good and the bad, and that God has his own ways of bringing harsh verdict on everyone else. To this believer, God is nothing more than a strict God who shows no mercy on the weak and the sick. He believes that God punishes people even for the smallest and simplest lies and mistakes that they have committed, and that God does not know how to forgive.

The Redeemer God

The Redeemer God is one who bears the promise of salvation and new life. To this believer, God remains faithful to His promise of saving our souls from eternal damnation and wickedness on Earth. The Redeemer God is a merciful and loving god who feels compassion and mercy to the weak and the poor. He is also the type of god who forgives and cares for His people. To this believer, the Redeemer god is the god of all time, of all circumstances and of all nations. He is the perfect God who knows how to reveal things at the right time and circumstance. He is God who does all things beautiful, and meaningful in His name.

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